Building a Personal Brand: Lessons from a Lawyer-Turned-Influencer

A lawyer who later became an influencer – complete with knowledge of the law they so fittingly demonstrated on social media outlets, and moulded into a persuasive personal brand. These are fundamental lessons from their adventure that you can use as strategies for creating and strengthening your personal brand, especially in the context of Social Media Law Firms.

1. Utilize what makes you a unique expert.

Your unique expertise is one of the most powerful things about your personal brand. The lawyer provides content from a different niche that many other influencers do not have the specialized knowledge/resources to share. Whether you share an interpretation of policies affecting your industry, instruct on how to traverse obscure laws, or discuss newsworthy lawsuits – you find potential readership keen and curious about what matters most to them.

2. Authenticity Is Key

This may sound a bit cheesy, but in order to build an original personal brand is authenticity. Being authentic, raw and transparent about their journey – its struggles as well as the highlights- is what made an influencer out of a lawyer who was now living her best life. People can relate to you better when they learn about your own experiences and stories.

3. Consistent Content Creation

Plan out a content schedule that can feature blog posts, social media updates, videos and podcasts. Plus, consistency in your messaging and visual style strengthen your brand identity so people can easily identify you at a glance.

4. Engage with Your Audience

Creating a personal brand is not just putting your message out there but interacting with the people listening to you. Responding to comments, answering questions or even participating in discussions proves that you appreciate your followers input. She may also take to live Q&A sessions, webinars and posting on social media where people can engage with her content as a community.

5. Utilize Multiple Platforms

The more platforms, the better you can reach out. The lawyer turned influencer is on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube. Every platform has a different way of reaching all segments of your audience. Customize Your Content For Unique Platform Strengths and Demographics to Better Reach a Wider Audience.

Exploitation collaborations with Social Media Law Firms and socializing is even stronger to increase your personal brand in society. Collaborating with fellow influencers, guest blogging for well-known blogs or taking part in industry related events will help you gain more audiences & credibility.

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