Artificial Intelligence Has Done Wonders In Replacing The Hip Joints Speedily

Hip joint replacement is not restricted to older people but young ones also facing many issues regarding their hip bone. The pain was so excruciating that it led to surgery. Due to advancement of technology the replacement can be done easily through robotic surgery and the patients hardly feel anything after the surgery.

What Are Its Symptoms?

Whenever our body asks for any help it shows few symptoms. Regarding hip continuous pain can be observed. The patients cant bend or wear their trousers properly due to pain.inability to take part in various household activities and also sleep deprivation occurs due to pain. So at first the doctors will run a few tests or will ask for an MRI. Maybe they can provide a few exercises,if it continues then the surgery is prescribed by an orthopaedic.

Artificial hip joint price (ข้อสะโพกเทียม ราคา, which is the term in Thai) is at an higher range. The doctors provide the option of traditional and the robotics one mentioning the pros and cons. So the decision is simply on the patient’s financial condition and which one they will opt for.

How Can It Be Done?

These days robotic surgery has been newly launched by many hospitals. Before this surgery the doctors do the scan of the hip and with the help of a certain software a 3D image of the patient is created and by which the robotic device will help the doctors to replace the joints or socket with the metal one. The patients can’t feel anything and can also walk freely after a few days. This surgery hardly makes an incision as done in the traditional one.

To do this one the doctor will run few tests to see whether the patient’s body can withstand this.

What Is The Difference Between Traditional And Modern Surgery?

In the traditional method the doctor usually creates a deep incision by cutting blood vessels and few tendons which later can cause pain especially during old age. But this advanced technology hardly causes any pain and also has low risk of muscle damage.Also in near future there is no cause of dislocation as the deceased part will be replaced by a metal or ceramic ball so the patients will feel more comfortable while walking without any friction.


This hip replacement robotic surgery is also a major operation as doctors do general or whole body anaesthesia, only its needs less time to operate ang gets healed quickly. So if you cant withstand hip pain then it’s the right time to consult an experienced orthopaedic to proceed the treatment for better results.

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