Everything To Know About Lower Eyelid Pulling Up

Lower eyelid pulling up is also prominently known as ectropion. It is a condition where your lower eyelid turns outward, exposing the inner surface of your eyelid and leading to different symptoms.

Floating eyes (ตาลอย, which is the term in Thai) pulling up occurs when your lower eyelid sags or turns outward away from your eyeball. This can lead to exposure of the inner surface of the eyelid. It leads to irritation, redness, and discomfort. This condition can impact one or both of your eyes, and it might vary in severity from mild to severe.

Causes of Lower Eyelid Pulling Up

· Age-Related Conditions

One of the most common causes of lower eyelid pulling up is age-related changes in the tissues and muscles around your eyelids. As you start ageing, the skin and the muscles start losing elasticity and tone, leading to sagging and laxity of your lower eyelid.

·  Facial Nerve Weakness

Damage or weakness of your facial nerve can result in paralysis or weakness of your muscles which control your eyelid movement. You must know that scarring from injury surgery or burns around your eyelids can pull the lower lid downward. It can also cause it to turn outward.

· Eyelid Tumors

You need to know that tumors or growths on the eyelids can cause mechanical distortion and pull-up of the eyelid. It leads to ectropion.

· Symptoms Of Lower Eyelid Pulling Up

One of the most noticeable symptoms of this condition is the outward turning of your lower eyelid. It exposes you to the inner surface of your eyelid. Exposed conjunctiva can become irritated and inflamed. It can lead to redness, itching and discomfort.

The floating eyes pulling up can disrupt the normal drainage of tears from your eyes which leads to excessive tearing. In some cases, the condition can cause dryness of your eye surface and the sensation of having a foreign body in your eye.

· Treatment Options For Lower Eyelid Pulling Up

Mild cases of lower eyelid pulling up might be managed with lubricating eye drops or ointments to relieve dryness or irritation. You need to know that the gentle massage and exercises prescribed by the ophthalmologist or eye specialist might help you improve eyelid tone and function in some cases.

Tapping your lower eyelid upward might provide temporary relief and support for some mild cases of lower eyelid pulling up. For moderate to severe cases, you need to go for surgical correction to tighten the eyelid muscles and restore your normal eyelid position. Different surgical techniques include eyelid tightening or skin grafting. It might be used depending on the underlying cause and severity of your condition.


Protect your eyes from trauma and injury, especially during sports or activities with the risk of facial injury. Avoid rubbing or pulling on your eyelids as this can worsen your eyelid laxity and even contribute towards eyelid pulling up.

So, lower eyelid pulling up is a condition characterized by outwards turning of the lower eyelid and leading to different symptoms like redness, irritation, and tearing.

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