Avoid These Common Mistakes in Split System Aircon Installation

It is prudent to recognise common mistakes and avoid them, thus guaranteeing that your air conditioning unit functions effectively for an extended period while using minimal power. This blog will explore in depth the common errors made during the split system aircon installation and provide tips on how to avoid them effectively

Incorrect Sizing of the Unit

The capacity of an air conditioner should be determined efficiently as it plays a vital role in the performance of the unit. If an oversized unit is selected, it will cycle too frequently and not only be incapable of drawing out the humidity but will also make the room too hot and consume unnecessary energy. On the other hand, if the AC unit is small, then it will keep on running consistently, exerting pressure on the system and hence using costs.

Solution: Use a BTU estimator to estimate the cooling capacity required primarily based on elements, which includes room size, windows, insulation, and the count of people who might be occupying the room after split system aircon installation. To get the most from your cooling efforts and make exceptional use of power, perceive the best unit size.

Improper Positioning

Proper installation of both units of the air conditioning system will help achieve the intended purpose of AC efficiently. This will mislead the thermostat of the indoor unit if placed in a location where it can come in contact with the sunshine or additional heat-generating apparatus and equipment like light bulbs and heaters.

Solution: The indoor unit should be installed in the central part of the room during split system aircon installation, avoiding areas directly exposed to heat or sunlight. Ideally, it should be placed around 7-8 feet above the ground to ensure proper air distribution. 

Surround the outdoor unit with ample space without obstruction from trees, fences, or any other plants so that it can get ample airflow to cool down, which is one of the biggest factors affecting the efficiency of the air conditioner.

Inadequate Clearance

Clearances are also significant both indoors and outdoors in units for proper performance. Insufficient space around them creates hindrances, which would hamper the flow of air around the units, thereby affecting efficiency and operational costs after split system aircon installation.

Solution: Make sure there are no external obstructions within 15 cm of the indoor unit to ensure proper air circulation. For the outdoor unit, a minimum clearance of 60 cm is recommended. This space is necessary to avoid airflow obstruction and allows easier maintenance and repair activities.

Faulty Installation of Drainage System

Another factor essential for the efficient work of the air conditioning unit is the drainage of condensate. If the drain pipes are badly installed during split system aircon installation, then there could be issues of water stagnation, and at some eventual leaking, water may find its way into the wall and the unit.

Solution: Make sure that the condensation pipe is well fixed in a manner that enables it to have a minor gradient at the end that is supposed to be outside to aid in the flow of water. This means that the drain line should be checked and cleaned often so as to avoid blockages that could result in water build-up and leakage.

Ignoring Insulation of Refrigerant Lines

These are the refrigerant lines, which are the tubes that hold the coolant and transport it between the indoor and outdoor systems. They must be insulated during split system aircon installation. Failure to insulate these lines can, therefore, result in condoning loss as well as increased energy consumption.

Solution: Use high-quality insulation sleeves to cover all refrigerant lines. This will prevent energy loss and avoid condensation issues that can lead to water damage along the route of the lines.

Skipping Professional Help

Air conditioning requires certain steps to be followed when installation is performed, and thus, professional installation is needed to provide the best results. If installed properly, the system’s performance will suffer, frequent maintenance will be necessary, and the warranty may be voided. Always hire a certified professional for the correct split system aircon installation.

Solution: The best approach is to engage a certified HVAC contractor. Professionals adhere to manufacturer guidelines and local codes, and their experience allows them to identify and resolve potential issues during installation.

Neglecting Pre-Installation Evaluation

A thorough pre-installation evaluation is essential to identify potential obstacles and plan the installation accordingly. Address this beforehand to avoid complications during installation, as missing requirements can be both time-consuming and costly.

Solution: Before split system aircon installation, evaluate the site carefully. This entails evaluating the ability of the walls to support the units, examining wiring systems already in place, and looking for any restrictions that may be in the way of the unit’s installation and any physical barriers that may affect the performance of the units. The following are helpful if one has to use air conditioning effectively:

Essential Tips for Efficient Air Conditioning

  • Optimal AC Unit Size and Placement

The size of the unit plays an essential role in air conditioning in Lake Macquarie. Sizing errors result in an inefficient system, high energy consumption, and other drawbacks. Proper positioning is also critical; the indoor unit should have an open space for air circulation, and the outdoor unit should have enough space and should not be put directly under the sun or any materials that may hinder its efficiency.

  • Installation and Maintenance

Perfect installation and regular maintenance of the unit are crucial to avoid common DIY errors, like mishandling refrigerant and wiring. Routine maintenance, like checking refrigerant levels and cleaning filters, extends the unit’s life and efficiency. Using a smart thermostat further enhances the effectiveness of air conditioning in Lake Macquarie by adjusting to current needs.

In a Nutshell

Avoiding common installation mistakes ensures your split system air conditioner runs efficiently. Key aspects, including proper sizing, strategic placement, and professional installation, must be considered before purchasing an air conditioning unit. Expert service providers like Onsite Air are dedicated to professional maintenance and upgrades. 

By utilising smart thermostats, they enhance performance, durability, and energy efficiency. Their experience and best practices ensure consistent comfort and lower energy bills, safeguarding your investment.


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